Dear friends,

It is with a lot of joy that I welcome you in this web site and I wish to each one of you the best. You should know that we are always ready to serve the well comprehended interest of our village and each one of you. We are all set to serve our place with prudence and effectiveness.

Through this web page the Community Council of Mazotos inaugurates an important step of briefing and communication with the residents of the community, the emigrants and also with all the other people interested for the community.

From our web pages you can find information about our beautiful village, for the decisions of the community council and other interesting information that concern the public.

Our aim is the fast and accurate service to those that want to be informed for our village and for questions that concern them.

In this web page you can also express your own proposals and opinions, for the improvement of the services offered by the community council, which we will study and apply where of course this is possible.
Please conduct us via our electronic mail address at: [email protected]

Panayiotis Vasiliou
President of the Community
Council of Mazotos