“Petreon” Outdoor Sculpture Museum

It is an outdoor area at the location “Plaka”, where Savvas Koulendros creates and exhibits his magnificent sculptures.  His sculptures have been created with zeal and superb craftsmanship using stones that are taken from various places in Cyprus. As far as his sculptures are concerned, a special place amongst them is held by the dominating “Petreos”, a tall naked man holding an ancient Greek Alb with his right arm and a snake with his left arm.

Some of the artist’s sculptures include:

  • Europe
  • Erinyes
  • Gregoris Afxentiou

So, let’s get to know the artist better…

Savvas Koulendros comes from Lysi. He studied at the Engineering Department of the Nicosia Technical School and since then he has been into construction work. The reason for him to become involved with this artistic expression has been the purchase of an estate in Mazotos, which in fact hosts his sculptures.


Costas Papageorgiou, MAZOTOS, A Village with Beauty and History, Cyprus 2009