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A genuine artist Costas Argyrou closed his life circle in October 2001 in the age of 84 leaving an impressive collection of his works behind him.
His works does not only shoe the great talent he had but his continuous guest for true fulfillment.Eventhough Argyrou discovered his artistic creation really late he exclusively dedicated his last thirty two years of his life to his work.

The sculptor was inspired from the world around carving the rural world of Cyprus in its everyday life with a simple but exciting way. His style was severe, sometimes almost in monumental dimensions.

As he went on with his work his chisel started to touch issues from the religion and national tradition of his country with archangels and heroes figures to fill his house which was transformed in to a workroom.

His primitive art shows the everyday life in a piece of work majestic pure and real. Costas Argyrou so creates a balanced art. Art which takes us back in time. In beats where the people do not move asthmatically, and all this ‘culture’ the technical one, is not contaminated.

In his effort to leave his work s and his life uncontaminated and pure he creates a space -museum in his village Mazotos where they are still today.

The museum is named after the founder ,as Art museum of Costas Argyrou. Efforts are being made so it can be gradually transformed into an artistic core ,a center of transmitting Art ,of new artists prevalence, exhibitions, conferences, happenings….