The National Associations of Mazotos have been housed in a privately owned building located on a main road of the Community since 1980. In fact, the building is situated near the Community Council and the church of Agios Georgios. The visitors of the National Associations, as Costas Papageorgiou distinctively writes, have the opportunity to “observe everything that happens in the most central part of the community”*.


*Costas Papageorgiou, Mazotos, A village with Beauty and History, Cyprus 2009, p.186

The Popular Organisations of Mazotos are housed in a private building located in the old core of the village. The Association was established by a group of residents who belonged in old Unions so that, as Costas Papageorgiou remarks, “they could ensure a better wage and better working conditions for the workers”*.


* Costas Papageorgiou, Mazotos, A Village with Beauty and History, Cyprus 2009, p.188

The Youth Centre of Mazotos was established after an initiative of the National Associations and in cooperation with the Community Council on September 24, 2003.

The main goals of the Youth Centre are:

  • To cultivate unity
  • To make the youth more active
  • To give the youth the opportunity to use their time constructively

Several clubs have been formed based on the above objectives and these include the sports club, the byzantine music club, the dance club, as well as a football team. Additionally, the Youth Centre organizes cleaning campaigns, Christmas and Easter events, lectures and tree planting, while they also participate in various community events.

The Youth Centre’s Committee is formed by:

  • Michalis Michael (president)
  • Demetra Demetriou (vice president)
  • Demetris Panagi (secretary)
  • Maria Pafiti (cashier)
  • Giorgos Andreou (member)
  • Doxoula Gregoriou (member)
  • Chrysilios Vasileiou (member)
  • Michalis Panteli (member)
  • Georgia Demetriou (member)
  • Demetra Vasileiou (member)
  • Ioanna Vasileiou (member)
  • Constantia Poulidi (member)


Costas Papageorgiou, Mazotos, A Village with Beauty and History, Cyprus 2009