The community council of Mazotos, aiming for the upgrading of the quality of life of the residents, has executed some works of infrastructure and embellishment.

Some of these works are the following:

  1. Registration and manufacture of new streets
  2. Registration and manufacture of rural streets
  3. Configuration and embellishment of various points in the community that were unexploited.
  4. Extension of the water supply
  5. Naming and numeration of the roads
  6. Asphalt accesses to the sea
  7. The repair of the Community Medical Center.
  8. Manufacture of new rooms and laboratories at the Municipal school
  9. The coastal road and the cycling path
  10. The amphitheater at the square of Agios Georgios
  11. The reformation of the road network at the square of Agios Georgios
  12. Community Hall including a lecture room


Mazotos Community Council