The virgin natural environment of Mazotos consists of beautiful images of cultivated pieces of land and sandy beaches.

While strolling around Mazotos, one mainly encounters cultivated pieces of land, but also greenhouses. In particular, the village’s cultivations include garden products, grains, olive and carob trees, citrus fruit and vineyards. A special place among the cultivated pieces of land are held by the olive groves since olive cultivation is highly developed, contrary to viticulture which has been severely limited over the past few years. What is also noteworthy is that the green olive and olive oil of Mazotos are distinguished for their taste and quality.

Finally, one could claim that the various greenery areas with the playgrounds which have been created by the Community Council and which were constructed after land segmentation and other developments constitute details that make the village even more beautiful, while the maintenance of the above areas is the responsibility of the Community Council.



Mazotos Community Council